Jason C. McDonald

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I've been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. My first introduction into the professional world of fiction writing came when I was invited to join my mother's critique group at age eight.

Today, I write both non-fiction and fiction. My genres include mystery, high fantasy, historical fiction, and humor. I have two books published, and more coming in the near and distant futures.

My Books

Cover for "Dead Simple Python"

Dead Simple Python

Dead Simple Python dives deep into the nuts and bolts of the Python programming language. It unpacks the technical "whys" and "hows" of the language's fundamental concepts and helps you use these concepts to write idiomatic Python. Throughout the book, McDonald delves into Python programming concepts like structuring a project, the Python type system, functional and object-oriented programming, loops and iterators, generators and comprehensions, concurrency, distribution, and other essentials.

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Cover for "Noah Clue, P.I."

Noah Clue, P.I.

Noah Clue is at a dead end, having just been fired by his latest client, when his cousin shows up with an offer to help salvage his career. But what happens when an unobservant private investigator and a fastidious legal secretary team up? They turn Seattle upside down!

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Cover for "Finding Scrooge"

Finding Scrooge

When Scrooge fails to make his annual appearance at Fred's dinner party, everyone is alarmed. Nephew Fred, Bob Cratchit, his son Tim, and Martha Cratchit's fiancé Daniel set out to locate Mr. Scrooge. Their journey will take them right into one of the darkest slums of East London, as they discover what it truly means to Keep Christmas Well.

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